Happy Birthday Janet

It was such a great celebration. I hope you enjoy the moments I was able to capture. Please feel free to download any individual photos or all photos. Download button on right corner from this main page will give option for all or making selection of photos. I believe it will create a zip file to download all so might take a little time. (Best done with a computer)
If you click on an individual image below it will bring it up larger and you can scroll through them one at a time using arrow keys on keyboard or swiping on a phone screen. Using the download button while only one image is showing will download that image only. Please avoid using ‘add to favorites’ button if one exists. Just download the ones you like. Thank you.
These are 4x6 print sized images. If you have any plans to print any photos but would want larger, send me an email to [email protected] with a written list of the file numbers, as seem located below each of the photos, that you want. All of them at full size were way too big to load up on this site, so I used the 4x6 for that, which is great for all digital viewing and social sharing, emails, etc....

If you feel like doing any social posting and tagging please use @michaeldcreations
I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Thanks for having me for the day of celebrating.